School holiday family shows

During the first week of the October school holidays we’ve got some great shows suitable for all the family.  From inspirational physical theatre, to comedy and dance, our range of options will ignite your family’s creative spark!

We have tried to give you a gauge on the age suitability of each of the shows but please do have a look at our website for more information on each show.

For the littlies in your whanau:

The Listies Make You LOL!

From over the ditch, these guys are Australia’s favourite kids’ comedians. The Listies are bringing their insanely funny family comedy show to the festival, this production contains smoke, farts and bad jokes.  Suitable for 5-12.

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Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon

Meet Sunny Ray: happy, light, a true wonder of the world.  Meet her best friend in the sky, the Magnificent Moon: the late night party guy who gets to stay up late EVERY single night! Suitable for 4+.

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Java Dance Theatre

An epic dance journey from grass to milk to stringy, chewy, stretchy, rubbery, crumbly delicious cheese.  Suitable for 2+.

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For a slightly older child audience:

Pss Pss

Compagnia Baccala

Pss Pss blends contemporary clown with theatre and circus in a performance of enthralling physicality and exquisite humour.  Suitable 9+.

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Mixtape Dance Show

Six short dance works by Perri Exeter and Joash Fahitua, inspired by stories from their culture, experiences, memories and fantasy.  Suitable 7+.

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