Day 3

Above: Louis Baker with Lisa Tomlins and band in the Spiegeltent last night

Word is that Emily Sun & Gamal Khamis treated our MTG audience tonight to an exquisite concert - "absolutely gorgeous", "so beautiful". Here's Louis Pierard's review. Jamie said: “This performance was such a treat. Both such young, confident and skilled performers. Gamal’s playing had such a fluidity to it, I was mesmerised.”

At the Spiegeltent Robyn Paterson had a full, responsive house for South Afreakins - there was much laughter, elbow prodding of spouses, and unreserved appreciation all the way through for this excellent theatre piece.

Following the show, Chloe Loftus performed in the blue-lit gum tree - her performance is stunning to see at night, indeed she says, it was designed with this in mind: the play with shadow and light, rigging invisible, her white dress less a costume than feathers, fur.  She was like a bird, a beautiful agile creature, who had come briefly out of her silvan burrow. Look out for her during White Night.


So what does the production manager say, in his dog-ravaged socks and Nepalese paisley trousers? I never did find out - he up and vanished in a swirl of management tasks, prepping the Spiegeltent for Robyn Paterson's show, The South Afreakins.

Full house up the hill at the Blyth for Scena, a few seats away from sold-out. They'll be well into their La Traviata finale - what an awesome achievement!

Andy Heast will talk - he and Pitsch made a trip to Waiohiki Arts Village this afternoon, and he says what will unfold there over the following five days will be phenomenal.  

"There is so much happening, and so much enthusiasm, the energy there is palpable. There are studio tours and artists at work, keen to show people around and discuss their creations. The artists  have put in so much work making people welcome over the weekend - it's going to be phenomenal. I think you can pretty much go along any time and be assured of a warm welcome, I'd just turn up. There's food,  a coffee cart, and when the sun goes down the sparks begin to fly... They were firing some of the raku while we were there today - just awesome."

You can see inside an oven that's operating at 1000 degrees - you can actually look down into a hole, like a chimney, and see the raku sculptures in situ within the kiln being baked.

"It's really cool. The raku glaze that they put on the sculptures colours them beautifully, earthy colours."


Chloe Loftus is tree dancing this week at intermittent, often unexpected moments. A heads up: she'll be performing tonight in the giant old blue gum outside the Festival Garden on the Village Green at 9pm tonight. The tree's over 12 metres high and Chloe, suspended high up in the majestic canopy, gifts a beautiful performance. If you haven't enjoyed this delight yet, come down, enjoy a drink and look skyward. The tree will be lit up, so you will spy her.

chloe 1


Today The Nukes will be heading out to Greenmeadows and Tamatea primary schools to share their special brand of ukelele magic. And Scena will be performing in the Blyth at 6pm once more - you can read The Hook review here.

The harmony of male voices was beautifully smooth and came across as entirely in the moment with an element of ‘no sweat’ and a twist in the tail. (The Hook)

We branch out to Napier with our first festival show in the MTG - emerging classical stars, Emily Sun and Gamal Khamis, will be sharing a sumptuous programme of Romantic and virtuosic chamber music at 7.30pm tonight.

The South Afreakins entranced the folk down in Central Hawke's Bay last night - Sarah Cates was there and she thoroughly recommends heading along to Robyn Paterson's ingenious play in the Spiegeltent at 8pm. Here's what Sarah said on The Hook.

Deeply moving, intelligent, and a real eye opener... The South Afreakins is outstanding. (The Hook)

 We have tickets still available to all three public shows.

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