Day 7

Above: The Nukes performing in the streets as part of White Night on Saturday. Photo: Tim Whittaker

Midpoint of the festival, and some of us went down with the lurgy and/or over-excited nerves, including your festival blogger. But Slightly Imperfect (aka Greg Malcolm, Jenny Ward and Rosie Langabeer) had the perfect panacea with Songs of Ivor Cutler, as Jess wrote on The Hook.

greg malcolm 2


"This show is the antithesis to clean-cut, sharply-polished, big-sound festival shows. It’s a gem that deserves a full-house. It’s the show you will kick yourself (gently) for missing. Midway through a frantic Festival season when a certain fatigue begins to creep in this is the cure: calm and quiet amidst the frantic bustle."

songs for ivor 2

You can relive this festival Sunday retrospectively through The Hook reviews, and tally whether you agree with the perspectives or no.

Anna Soutar continued her "examination of the written word and its place in a Festival of Arts" with Readers & Writers: Day Two.

Michael Hawkesworth went to MAMIL (Remounted) :

"At the close of his 171st performance...Mark Hadlow, a thespian trooper to the core, thanked the audience very sincerely for coming out from behind our TVs and supporting live performance. His bugbear, he confided, with real passion, was, specifically, ‘reality TV’ of all stripes – “No! I don’t want to know how to cook a fucking aubergine!”....Yeah, I feel his pain, particularly after an incredibly well drilled 100 minutes in which he mobilised, with impressive acting agility, a small host of characters on a custom-made stage."

Megan Seawright saw By a Thread - Intimacy, spectacle, trust, beauty: 

"It’s the ultimate in team work. For every solo sequence there are three or more performers always acting as counter weight.  We watch sequences of sudden drops, back arches, acrobats hanging upside down by their toes and a 360 degree rotation of the body through the shoulders’ whist, suspended in mid-air by their wrists."

Emily Dobson attended Poemlines: Coming Home for The Hook - capturing the fullness of the event beautifully.

It was a treat to have The Nukes in the Bay - not only in the Spiegeltent and on the streets of Napier, but for 16 schools, 3,750 kids... As Johnny said, "Thanks fellas". Here's his review of their show.

 Other reviews

Theatreview were also at By a Thread - here's Kate Tarrant's review:

"Quite a departure from the spectacle associated with traditional circus styles, there is no gaudy makeup or striped jumpsuits here and not a frilly knicker to be seen. Instead the actors emerge in super stretchy skinny jeans and pale coloured singlets. With this less-is-more theatrical approach there is nowhere to hide, no gimmicks or illusions only bodies, space – and a very large rope."

And Jenny Wake reviewed MAMIL:

"As with TV’s Homer Simpson, I’m affronted by his behaviour and yet embrace his flawed humanity. I know him. I see shades of him in my friends, my family… myself, if I care to look closely enough...Through the laughter, MAMIL holds up a mirror. Take a moment – whether you’re young, old or middle aged – for an honest self-appraisal."


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