Workshop and Q&A

The Festival Team understand that the educational community want to engage with the actors, directors, producers or writers of the performances.

This gives an opportunity to discuss the context of the performance and allow both educators and students to discuss key aspects of the performance. 


Little Shop of Horrors 

ed workshop little shop of horrors

When: 13 October
Where: Spiegeltent, Havelock North Village Green
Time: 10.00am
Cost: Included in ticket price
Maximum: 20 participants

This workshop will allow participants to engage with the performers and try to recreate aspects of the performance they saw the night before. Participants will need to be willing to jump up on stage, play the instruments and actively participate in the workshop. This will be a highly entertaining and engaging workshop for all involved.

Note: All participants must have seen the show the night before so that they understand the context of the performance and get an understanding of what is required within the workshop.

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Out of the Box 

ed workshop out of box

When: 14 October
Where: The Blyth Performing Arts Centre
Time: 10.00am
Cost: Included in ticket price
Maximum: 20 Participants

This workshop will allow participants to work alongside the performers explore some of the choreographed sequences used within the show.  It will be a highly active workshop and participants must wear comfortable clothing that they can move freely in.

Note: This workshop will be a performance followed by a workshop for all participants.

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That's Random!

ed workshop thats random

When: 7 October
Where: Taradale High School
Time: 11.00am
Cost: Gold coin donation

Hera Lindsay Bird and Greg Kan are two of the most inventive and exciting young poets in New Zealand, here to shake you out of your old ideas and throw you on the fire of experimental writing. They’ll show you how to use the amazing online text randomizer that Greg invented.

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What's Up, Doc?

ed workshop whats up doc

When: 11 October
Where: Woodford House
Time: 11.00am
Cost: Gold coin donation

You do not need to be able to draw to take this workshop with illustrator and graphic artist Sarah Laing. You will be able to create your own unique characters and put them into tricky and surprising situations, and watch how they react – then turn them into a page long comic. This workshop is aimed at years 9-10.

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The following performances will have a Q&A directly after the performance. This is an opportunity to engage with the actors, directors and producers about the performance and some of the theatrical choices. The Q&A sessions will be facilitated to guide the conversation and ensure that the questions are relevant.

education the white guitar

education no holds bard

education paper shapereducation mahara


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