Artist and musician is 'Almost Serious'

Do you fancy having your portrait painted by Fane Flaws?

The graphic artist, designer and musician will be set up in the Hastings Community Art Centre in Russell St, Hastings, with his full working studio, his comfy chair and musical gear for the duration of the Hawke's Bay Arts Festival, from September 18 to October 14.

Flaws says, "I am planning to be painting onsite most days through the arts festival and will experiment with a weekly 'portrait salon' where I will attempt to make portraits within a half-hour time frame, the idea being to combine and hang them as a growing multiple."

The month-long event is called Almost Serious - Fane Flaws, the title derived from a conversation he had with a very serious (and very talented) New Zealand artist in 2008, when Flaws was told his work was "very, very, good ... In fact," the artist had said, holding up his thumb and fore-finger, millimetres apart, "Fane you are this close to being a serious artist!"

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