Isabel Rivera Cuenca & The Flamenco Project

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Come and see international Spanish Flamenco dancer Isabel Rivera and her troupe as they weave song, rhythm and guitar into a powerful performance of this highly complex art.

    March 26.03.18 - 7:30pm

At the Hastings Community Arts Centre - click this link to check ticket prices and availability

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                                              Isabel Rivera’s career began at the age of four, when her family, from the flamenco heartland of southern Spain, realized she had a gift for the art. Today that career flourishes with growing audiences across Spain and Latin America. Her enthusiasm for working with local artists has already won her many fans here in New Zealand.

Also featuring:  Ian Sinclair (Guitar) from New Zealand 

Flamenco Guitarist Ian Sinclair:
Ian is better known as a television journalist, reporting for TVNZ across the globe both as a foreign correspondent and reporter for the Sunday Programme. But for most of his life, Ian has also played flamenco and is a pupil of gypsy maestro, Juan del Gastor of Seville. 
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This cross over between Spain and Latin America is typical of flamenco, which is in itself a hybrid of ancient christian, jewish and islamic influences. Like the blues, flamenco began as a music in the rural south, with guitar as its main instrument, but built around lyrics which may be changed at will by the singer. In the twentieth century flamenco artists carried the music from the Andalucia, the southern region closest to Africa, up to the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, where new influences emerged. 

At the heart of almost all flamenco is the compass, or rhythm cycles which are very similar to the Indian raga. Many believe the gypsies, who migrated to Spain from the Indus River Valley, can take some credit for this.

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