The Harcourts Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival offers an Ambassador Programme to selected members of the community and local educational institutions to engage with the festival and represent youth for a period of one year.

The Ambassador Programme is about supporting the next generation of actors, playwrights, technicians, producers or directors to engage with professional practitioners.  The most powerful learning happens through doing and by gaining a deeper understanding of how the professionals work within a theatre context. The participants will engage with highly skilled professionals throughout the Festival and enhance their skills by participating in workshops, master classes and engaging with theatre within Hawke’s Bay. This experience is available for up to 20 participants.

The 2018 Furnware Ambassadors is now open for applications. This year with the continued support of Furnware the ambassador programme will continue to develop and grow.  Each year we receive a large number of applications and in 2017 twenty-one were successful from ten different schools throughout Hawke's Bay, pictured below are the ambassadors from 2017. 

furnware image for ambassadors

The aim of the Ambassador Programme is:

  • To inspire and motivate the Youth of Hawke’s Bay to engage with the arts industry.
  • To enhance their understanding of the arts industry within New Zealand
  • To provide opportunities to engage with professionals to best prepare them for a career within the arts industry
  • To converse with professional artists and listen to their journey
  • To attend professional performances and break these down both mentally and physically

Selected Ambassadors must:

  • Be between the ages of 15 and 20
  • Be able to write or express why you should to part in this experience
  • Be able to provide two referees who will support their application
  • Be available to attend the induction day
  • Be available to attend workshops, conversations and performances throughout the Festival

Outcomes for Ambassadors:

  • To participate in workshops with highly skilled professionals in a variety of areas within the arts industry
  • To converse with artists and share in their experiences to formulate their own vision of the arts industry and how they can contribute to this
  • To engage with high quality performances and gain an understanding of the level of focus and drive needed to survive in the arts industry
  • To create life-long connections with other youth within Hawke’s Bay to develop their own work in the future
  • To enhance their written and performance skills through engaging with performances and analysing with the educational coordinator of the Festival

If you wish to participate in the Ambassador Programme please download the application form and email to Daniel Betty ( the educational coordinator.

Special Thanks To our sponsors