Talanoa MAU

We are living in a time of multiple crises – health crisis, economic crisis, racial crisis and the climate crisis; the depletion of beauty and empathy. Our relationships with both the natural world and with one another are fraught and often self-defeating. Truth is under fire.

The ‘normal’ that we are expected to live by today is threatening not only our diverse local cultural practices, but also our existence as a species, myriad other life forms, and the stability of the planet. The troubles of our times are entangled with culture at an even more profound level. Without cultural solutions, all the science, economics and politics in the world will not know what kind of a world we need to build.

Talanoa MAU brings together a diverse group of culture-makers, innovators, artists, thinkers, policymakers and youth, to discuss their practice and share ideas with the community on the key cultural, spiritual, social, environmental and political issues of our time

Talanoa MAU kaupapa is to stimulate people’s minds and passions - through deep listening, inspiring discussion and debate - in order to increase community understanding, community care, social cohesion and to celebrate diversity. Participants will speak from the context of their own practices and cultural backgrounds, sharing stories, insights, and experiential knowledge from the worlds they inhabit and help shape through their work.

It is imperative we ask again and again: how can we do better in real practical terms in the places where we live together, do our work, and make our art? Although we may often feel daunted, these times offer myriad avenues of empowerment, if only we are able to see things more clearly, rally together, and offer new visions of how to make a kinder, better world.

There is still so much more that we can do with the vast potential of our collective creative energy.

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Concession = Gold Card Holders, Community Service Card Holders & Full Time Students with ID
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Fri Oct 23rd13:00 - 17:00


Ōtātara Outdoor Learning Centre

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