By a Thread

Booked, tongue-in-cheek, as a show that will connect with those who like adventure tourism from the comfort of their chairs, By a Thread stretches the edges of trust and the risk inherent in the physicality and art-form of circus.

No nets, no safety harnesses.. just a rich visual display of inventive aerial acrobatics and spectacular skills from some of Australia's best emerging and established circus artists.

This will be a beautiful, breathtaking show and a perfect family choice, with two opportunities to fill the generous space of the Napier Municipal Theatre over Labour Weekend.

The One Fell Swoop Circus ensemble emerged out of intense physical training at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), Australia’s elite-level circus training institute. As director and company co-founder, Charice Rust explains: “We wanted to make work that explores the trust implicit in ensemble acrobatic work, and apply this to aerials. It’s challenging developing group aerial circus acts, as aerialists are often isolated from other performers. Circus is a powerful art form because what you see before you is actually what is happening. When you see someone taking a risk by hanging upside down from a rope that is held up only by other people, well... that’s what is happening.”

You can read more about By a Thread in this five star review from the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March, and here from the Australian Arts Review.

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