Day 12

Reviews from Friday's shows

Rosheen reviewed In Flagrante for The Hook:

"The pas-de-deux between a near naked dancer, tethered at the wrists to her clothed captor. Her writhing and straining at her shackles is juxtaposed with the steady voyeurism of she that holds the strings, an exploration in power and control."

While Rosheen was less than convinced by the 'feminist' message, Kim from Theatreview described it as "erotica for the thinking person" and "fantastically clever."

Nafanua reviewed George & Noriko:

"Kamikawa’s voice comes out of nowhere, gravel rough but crystal clear, and obviously finely tuned to the blues...She moves and shreds like a rock star – like the Nancy Wilson of shamisen. Together the sound is crunchy, full and unshakably gratifying."

Kate (Theatreview) was also at George & Noriko - here's her review:

"There is something which transforms this act from being merely innovative... This musical mixing pot highlights the roots of the different musical styles which at a deep level is an expression of soul. As such it is an affirmative and uplifting evening."

Blog post: 10am

We had such an engaged and responsive audience in the MTG for Jane Doe last night. It was great to see so many young people and their level of engagement. Karin McCrackin commented afterwards that the volunteer contribution to the trial (reading transcript extracts) was phenomenal and that usually not so many people linger afterwards to talk over cups of tea and biscuits.  Rosheen reviewed Jane Doe for The Hook - it's big stuff.

"There are no parks round the MTG so I pull up outside the Wind Sock and walk the block to the theatre. When I return the street’s empty, save for a sextet of dudes shooting shit outside the bar.“Hey pretty lady, you’re a pretty lady,” grunts one, leaning over the barrier..."

And Michael's written a funny story in his review on the Greg Johnson gig in the Spiegeltent.

"You can feel the bonhomie in the room. He’s got us. He sings about normal stuff – places unvisited, love, hubris, unfortunate friends, disappointment (watching England lose at football again), his apartment in Los Angeles (his photos of which make LA look as joyless as Hawera – “glamorous eh?”)."

Tonight we will be be treated to the audacious creation of legendary NZ choreographer MaryJane O’Reilly, In Flagrante  in the Spiegeltent at 7pm (and on Saturday at 9.30pm). Her neo-burlesque is internationally renowned, weaving tango influences with touches of vaudeville, slapstick with cabaret, jazz dance with stand­up comedy.

Dominion Post review made this recommendation:

 “If you’re a contemporary dance fan, you’ll adore the captivating choreography and precise physical and cerebral execution. Be prepared to be surprised ­ if not a little shocked. If you’re not a dance fan, you’ll love the gorgeous sculpted dancers, the humour, music and daring minimal costumes, in all its slick, naked darkness and glory.”

Following In Flagrante, we have George & Noriko for our late night show at 9.30pm - also fabulous and a guaranteed blast. Altogether, we're set for a wickedly entertaining night in the Spiegeltent and Festival Garden. We wouldn't miss it for the world.

In our Festival to Schools programme, Duck, Death and the Tulip will be playing to a range of school groups (250+ kids) in the MTG, Freedom is Behind My Breath will be previewed to a few high schools at the Blyth, and Kokako's Song heads to Arthur Miller and Westshore Primary.

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