A bunch of years ago the Hawke’s Bay Today moved from their brick corner stand to a flash new remodeling of a flash 80s monolith on the main drag. What was left was a rubble waste land, a flock of pigeons and a lot of ‘potential’. Now developers Rob and Barb Hansen have big plans for the site. Under the name TRIBUNE it’ll be a hospo, commercial and community hub with Brave Brewery moving in along with corporate tenants over the next year. In the meantime, the space provides a canvas for creativity for theatre maker Cameron Jones. His site-specific work High Rise will be staged on the plot on the corner of Karamu Road and Queen Street East as part of this year’s Harcourts Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival.

High Rise is a work Jones has developed over a number of years. Staging it in the heart of Hastings, which is beginning to boom in terms of business, is fitting. The city is coming to the attention of developers and investors, the real estate market is out of control. High Rise looks back on the life of one of Auckland’s first high-rise property developers. It’s a theatrical take on a true tale, we all know what happened next, the 80s became the 90s and the high came crashing down.

High Rise gives audience an opportunity to experience the ruins of past industry and the phoenix like rising of future potential. In this liminal space between what was and what could be audience will have an immersive experience of this work within a fitting environment.

Environmental Theatre takes work and places it into a non-theatre space. Breaking the usual black box theatre norm means audience can explore the dynamics of this cityscape in the way an eagle-eyed developer might, asking of themselves: What is the potential here? The space itself is well-matched to theatre with a coliseum-like surround, complete with broken bits and half walls.

Seeing shows in the mighty and majestic Victoria Speigeltent is magical but seeing theatre in new, found and repurposed spaces is extra special. It reintroduces community to spaces they haven’t had the opportunity to explore or haven’t been in for some time. In that reengagement, relationships emerge between people and place that last beyond the direct theatre experience.

The performance will be in the old printroom of the former Herald Tribune building. Please arrive 20 minutes before the start of performance.  You can access our location on this development site from two places, 1) you can access from the carpark on Warren Street behind Hutchinsons in this carpark is a new business Real World, their address is 111 Warren Street as a reference point.  2) You can also access from Queen Street East, reference from this street is Willis Legal 209 Queen Street East, come down the alleyway beside their building. 

Parking is available on Karamu, Warren, Heretaunga, and Queen Streets in the block surrounding this development site. 


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