Jamie's festival picks

Above: a very freshly posted video teaser for Songs of Ivor Cutler.

A massive weekend of delight is upon us with the Arts Festival!

The first week has been bloody amazing, laughter, tears, surprises … my personal highlights? Ann-Droid stole my heart with light, delightful, funny and poignant theatre, Wilson Dixon (who I was a little skeptical about, if I’m honest) had me belly laughing until it hurt, and Still Life With Chickens had me falling in love with an 80-year-old Mama in her Auckland backyard with her Mo’a ~ fresh, wonderful theatre.

Such a diversity of shows, all so bloody good.  Check out The Hook regularly, they are reviewing every show, posting the reviews within a couple of hours:

Ok, so the stuff that’s coming up

Today: Sarah Wiig, Bruce Bisset and the Rural Voters & Rosie Langabeer & Anton Wuts are all doing Ngatarawa Festival Garden Sessions in the hospitality area outside the Spiegeltent today.  No charge, just a chance to be a part of the Festival atmosphere and soak up some great local live music.

 A HUGE one for me is the Readers & Writers Session that I am doing over at the Cabana at 5pm today.  It’s a conversation with Simon Sweetman & Nick Bollinger about music writing, reviewing, the state of the music industry and getting them to tell some of their stories of years of being involved in the NZ music industry.  It’s only an hour long… and I reckon it will be a really interesting conversation.  Not many bookings so far, and here was me thinking we’d pack the place out!  There will be door sales, but here’s some more info.

Tonight is White Night in Napier; the arts precinct is going to come alive with music, dance, light shows and a total celebratory atmosphere.  It’s a not-to-be-missed celebration of the visual arts in Napier, all the galleries have worked hard to create some magic, it’s all free, and it’s going to be a blast.

One show that seems to be flying under everyone’s radar is on Sunday night, in the Spiegeltent, and that’s Songs of Ivor Cutler.  Ivor Cutler is a true folk hero; and absurdist glorious Scottish poet (some say the original inspiration for the Beatle’s magical Mystery Tour). This show brings together Greg Malcolm ~ one of New Zealand’s most distinctive, inventive and creative guitarists (and criminally underrated in my opinion) with Jenny Ward & Festival Favourite Rosie Langabeer. It’s going to be quirky, funny, and bloody brilliant!

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