Radio interviews

22 August 2018

To get a sense of the flavours of this year's festival, have a listen to this: Central FM did a nice job last week in their radio interview with festival director, Pitsch Leiser.

And it's worth listening in to Lyn Freeman's warm, intimate conversation with Pitsch and festival collaborators Puti Lancaster and Eru Heke, on Radio NZ's  Standing Room Only from the Sunday before.

In other media coverage, Alexia Santamaria, reflecting in the NZ Herald on her experience at HBAF 2017, writes:

[Pitsch] knows a thing or two about how to pull together a vibrant, popular festival and has done it many times all over the world. He believes a good festival needs to be a mix of interesting international big hitters and outstanding local talent - showcasing the stories and performances we want to see, but also the ones we need to see.



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