Top selling festival shows

At this stage, it’s always fun to play the numbers game and analyse the latest ticket-sales data. Our most popular shows, as of Tuesday 4 September, are all in the Spiegeltent:

  1. Opening show: Songs for Nobodies – sold out
  2. Wilson Dixon: What a Country! – selling fast
  3. Greg Johnson: Every Song has a Story – NZ singer-songwriter
  4. Festival finale: Carnivorous Plant Society & Hopetoun Brown
  5. In Flagrante – neo-burlesque

Children’s show Children are Stinky is also a current festival fave.

In Napier, where we have larger capacity venues (The Muni can cater to 900), MAMIL and By a Thread are selling really well, with two performances for each.  Tickets to both shows are now only available through the Ticketek website: www.ticketek.co.nz

Top 3 Readers & Writers events

  1. Poemlines: Coming home – a gathering of eight poet laureates
  2. What’s happening with our news? – Bill Ralston meets Tom Belford (and other media experts)
  3. Who do you think you are? – Helene Wong and Diane Wichtel discuss their memoirs, emigration, racism, the Holocaust.

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