The Victoria Spiegeltent

Limbo Daniel James Grant 14

We are delighted to announce that the Victoria Spiegeltent will be our central venue on the Village Green for the 2019 Festival.  Please put the dates of 15-28 October in your diary to celebrate our five - year milestone in Hawke's Bay.

This wonderful venue has travelled the world for nearly 90 years and will arrive in early October from Australia.  The ornate Spiegeltent was named Victoria by the family that built her in 1930.

Rik Klessens whose family own the tent said "it was built by my grandparents in 1930. They established the company in 1920 and toured Belgium, using the Spiegeltent as a portable dance hall.
It would travel from fair to fair, my grandfather towed it with two horses"

We are looking forward to filling this magical venue with an amazing line-up of shows and will start to announce some details next month.    

Special Thanks To our sponsors