Delighted to welcome you

Welcome to the 4th annual Harcourts Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival.

I trust that this year’s eclectic array of world-class acts will thoroughly entertain you and leave you with a sense of pride in what we can achieve together when we support the arts in beautiful Hawke’s Bay.

I am delighted with the stories that will unfold in front of your very eyes over the two weeks of our festival in October.

Stories of love, longing and belonging. Stories about home and homecoming. There are stories of loss, and stories of truth and freedom. Your stories, brought to life by complete strangers.  Poignant stories told beautifully and sincerely by dancers, actors, artists and musicians.  Poets and writers to craft new stories and comedians telling satirical tales to make you laugh and forget your troubles.
And then there are stories of hopes and dreams told by our young ones for the very first time, stories of the future, our future. 

I invite you to take part in new conversations, to be brave and introduce yourself through the arts to different worlds, views and ways of being from your own.  Go on, take a walk on the wild side, explore something new and revel in the magic that unfolds.

Enjoy your very own festival of the arts!

Pitsch Leiser
Festival Director

Special Thanks To our sponsors