Come Home When the Lights Are On

Last year, for the Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival, Spaces >in< Between and Iwi Toi collaborated on the poetic performance piece Freedom is Behind My Breath, which shared the real story of a family from Hawke’s Bay. That piece explored the wishes that we have for ourselves and our whanau through song, poetry, movement and an exhibition of visual artworks.

Audiences were invited to share their own wishes, written on pieces of paper, that were displayed in the foyer of the Blyth Performing Arts Centre. This installation builds on those shared wishes. We invite the people of Hawke’s Bay to listen, read and share their experience of home and their wishes for their own whānau.

Do you know someone whose home has no light on? What wish would you cast for them?
‘Come Home When The Lights Are On’ and ‘Freedom is Behind My Breath’ are part of a larger body of works that are focused on telling the real whānau stories of the diverse peoples of Hawke’s Bay. This includes the piece ‘A Fragrant Tone of Light’, that will be performed in multiple venues across Hawke’s Bay in September.

This installation will take place 18-20 Oct locations and times will be available shortly. 

Special Thanks To our sponsors