Hastings Community Arts Centre

Forty years ago Ricks Terstappen arrived in Hawke’s Bay from the Netherlands, and ever since, he has been making art and making his mark on this region.
A constant collaborator, a unique character and a perpetual connector, Ricks brings elements together to form a whole which both elevates and celebrates the parts.
Locals will be familiar with his larger public works, from the installation of godwits at Hawke’s Bay Airport (in collaboration with Jacob Scott) to the sculptural
signage on the Hastings Community Arts Centre.
Early in his career Ricks worked with wood, finding his way eventually to steel, and often mixing materials. He is a champion of the found object, frequently giving new life to forgotten or disused items.
Now, after so many years and so many artistic adventures, the objects he finds to re-use are sometimes components of his own earlier works.
This survey exhibition brings together new work alongside re-worked pieces and carefully chosen favourites from across the last four decades. The sculptures show a deep connection to this place, while also displaying Ricks’ inimitable humour as he
uses hard materials to tell stories and ask questions.
As a special addition to the exhibition, contemporary artist Ben Pearce presents work
that was part of SCAPE 2018, an ambitious outdoor sculpture show in Christchurch. Ben exhibits regularly throughout New Zealand but has made Hawke’s Bay home since coming here as a BFA graduate, attracted by Cicada Studios, the shared design incubator set up by Ricks, David Trubridge, Ross Mackay and William Jameson in the early
Sjroefkanellie is a word made up by Ricks’ father. It means “a bit of everything”. Here it reflects the collaborative, playful and wide-ranging creative output and lasting impact of one of Hawke’s Bay’s favourite artists.

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