The Human Project

The Human Project was part of the 2018 Festival with an incredible street
performance, Meta, that popped-up in multiple locations across Hawke’s Bay.
It then went onto perform as part of the Performance Arcade in Wellington earlier
this year.
This work is an intimate conversation between physical theatre, contemporary
dance, spoken word and sound, bringing to life the real stories of migrants and
their children and grandchildren. And The Earth Shifted Beneath My Feet
provides a platform for the real voices of real migrant women to be heard.
It amplifies their stories and shares them as real, visceral experiences, set
against a movement-and-sound scape that immortalises the experience in
our bodies. New place. Voluntarily, or involuntarily.
Performed by Champa J Maciel, Sophie Jean Follet and Pippi Jane.

Performance times: Sat 26 Oct Albert Square, Hastings, 1pm, Festival Garden, 5.00pm

Special Thanks To our sponsors