Festival of Youth

The ‘Festival of Youth’ is an opportunity for primary and intermediate schools to create a short performance (no longer than 5mins in length) based on a stimulus to explore their identity and how they fit into the world. This will then be performed at the ‘Festival of Youth’ allowing students to share, observe and celebrate their work with like-minded individuals. The ‘Festival of Youth’ is as an opportunity for teachers and students to engage with their chosen performance style (dance, kapa haka, theatre, film, song) to express what their community means to them.

The purpose of this event is to;

  • Promote the performing arts to primary and intermediate schools
  • Allow teachers to see how the performing arts can activate learning for students
  • Give access for students to express themselves using performing arts
  • Create opportunities for the Harcourts Hawkes Bay Arts Festival to collaborate with local performing arts organisations
  • Explore rich stimulus and allow students to dig deeper in the learning process
  • Create opportunities to break down barriers and allow people to come together from all generations, cultures and genders and celebrate being human

The Theme this Year - ID: Tuakiri (Identity)

When: Tuesday, 24 September
Time: 6.00pm
Where:Napier Municipal Theatre
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Genre: Multiple forms of performing Arts
Audience: GA
Cost: $10 Adult, $5 Child

The Stimulus for this year’s Festival of Youth is ‘ID: Tuakiri. It is a full circle view into what it means to be us, right here, right now.  What is our community like and how do we fit into it? Who are we and how do we represent this to others? This concept allows each school to explore their own identity and choose any form of performance to express themselves.

These leading questions are provocations to young minds.  We encourage teachers to explore these questions and allow the group to formulate their opinions and decide how they wish to express themselves in performance.

It is advised to keep it simple and remember that your performance will fit into a bigger picture of the entire ‘Festival of Youth’. 

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