HBAF 2022 - Teremoana Rapley: Daughter of a Housegirl

A world premiere of thoughtfully curated songs, more than 30 years in the making, award-winning musician Teremoana Rapley performs her long-awaited, full-length debut album Daughter of a Housegirl.

Bass-heavy beats and sweet flamenco-inspired folk tunes are overlaid with vibrations and frequencies, encouraging audiences to be present in this inter-dimensional, multi-disciplinary musical experience of life, love, and living. A multi-talented artist whose journey began with Upper Hutt Posse and Moana and the Moahunters, Rapley (Cook Islands, Jamaica) uses reflections of breath and heartbeat to underline this salutation and dedication to her late mother as a celebration of what was, what is, and what will be.

Teremoana brings her whole self to the table, unapologetically expressing her thoughts, interplayed between aural and visual sensations from 808’s bass to sweet acoustic tunes; from seasonal backdrops to artistic graphic design interpretations of each of her songs.

Step inside the world of a Black Moana Sovereign Storyteller.

“Daughter takes us on a journey through another dimension of experimental music and visuals.” - Sarai Perenise-Ropeti

[Creatives: SheWulf, Bill Urale, Onesian, Villiamu Urale, Unc07, Apollo45K, Musical Genius, AZA_Onehunga, chef_b__ , DJ Asides, DJ Bobo, Rob Te'o]

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Fri Oct 21st19:30 - 20:20


MTG Century Theatre



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