HBAF 2022 - Arahi - The Revelator

‘Behold I am making all things new…these words are trustworthy and true.’ Revelations 21:5

Utterances dropped from the lips of visionary biblical kings are true too of local firebrand, Arahi’s latest offering, a fusion of theatre and music. The Hurricane Years last stormed the festival stage, breathing life into a starkly surrounded cast of characters, mirroring the strangeness of the age. Now he lives up to his name - the cosmic herald proclaiming celestial change, revelatory and revolutionary.

The Revelator blends elements of live devised theatre with soul-wrenching songs from Arahi’s eponymous EP, produced by Dave Kahn at the renowned Roundhead Studios, and played onstage by a suite of our finest musicians. Prepare to embark on an immersive theatrical journey from innocence to experience, illuminating as it entertains. Then recline and allow yourself to be carried on a hedonistic foot stomping romp to seize your spirit and make you a believer.

A modern-day Prometheus, Arahi trail-blazes across the stage igniting passion with his heartfelt sound leading us, gleaming, into the promised land. Divine or diabolical, sinner or saviour - you decide. Either way, where he goes you know you want to follow. When he’s done, everything will have changed.

"Arahi’s been likened to a young Dylan, but I can’t help thinking of Ben Harper – there’s depth and expansiveness in his voice, both clarity and gentleness, with a soft gravel edge that reveals that crack in the light; our all-too humanness shining through." - Bridie Freeman, The Hook

“file this name alongside the other mononymous ones in your personal pantheon – those who only need a single word to encapsulate their essence" - Rob Harbers, Ambient Light

"a prolific composer… and a confident performer, with a stage presence beyond his years” - Rob Harbers, Ambient Light


[Lockout for first 10mins. Strobe Lighting]

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All Ages


Sun Oct 30th19:30 - 21:10


Toitoi - Hawke's Bay Arts & Events Centre


A Reserve Adult$44.00
A Reserve Concession$39.00
B Reserve Adult$34.00
B Reserve Concession$29.00

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