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Oct 15

Rise of the Olive

Go to Show information Join the world’s only surreal, sketch, award- winning circus troupe on a wild ride as they bring people closer together, one olive at a time.

This show will appeal to your inner child, but it is definitely one for adults. Expect bizarre ideas, high-level circus, a little bit of naughty and a bloody good night out!

Rise of the Olive features World Record Bounce Juggling & Jenga Stunts (as seen on TVNZ’s recent season of 60 Seconds talent show) in a show described as ‘fall-down funny, absolutely top shelf’ ***** (Advertiser, Adelaide).

Featuring a whole host of high calibre, left-field skills and comedy; 3D glasses and morph suits make a comeback, there’s a heart stopping innovative aerial rope act.. and more... so much more in fact, you’ll be given a run sheet so you can keep up!

With a refreshing sketch format, this show is a wildly inventive rollercoaster. A perfect balance of joyful, existential, hilarious and incredible – be sure to catch it while you can.

Winners of the Overall Circus Award at FringeWorld 2023

‘Unbridled fun and contagious laughter’ ***** (

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