Harcourts Hawke's Bay Arts Festival 2018

We have been working harder than ever to present you with one of the highlights in our region’s event calendar, gathering stories and world-class acts from near and far, and packing them into two magical, expansive weeks.

So pick up our exciting new festival programme, both online and in Hawke’s Bay iSites, cafes, libraries, make your bookings and come join us in October for 50+ amazing shows, readers & writers sessions, arts and craft happenings, creative learning in abundance, and the full spread of Hawke’s Bay’s food, wine and sunshine offerings.

Along with entertainment, connection and pleasure pure, you may find yourselves surprised, enchantingly enticed in new directions or participating in bold conversations. We hope, above all, you will enjoy yourselves as much as us.

See you there.

15-28 OCTOBER 2018


Special Thanks To our sponsors